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Il Volo is Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble, and Ignazio Boschetto. In this blog, you will find Interviews/Videos, songs, Pictures of Il Volo, information and even GIFs for you to reblog :)

You can ask me anything related to Il Volo or any member and I will do my best to answer your questions, but read THIS first! And if your questions aren't answered yet, ask me anything else HERE :)

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Anonymous said: I know that Il Volo has several FB pages, but do they have a FB page where they actually respond to posts or comments fans write to them or are all of their pages only seen by their Managers or other people?

I think they do have private face books of their own but they are SUPER private, only for friends and family.

8 March | 01:37pm

makingforbah said: Is the page ilvolomusic yours?!

No it is not!

8 March | 01:37pm

Anonymous said: Are they gay

no. are you?

8 March | 01:37pm

Anonymous said: why do they wear those skin tight pants?They don't help their image

Why are you asking me? lol i’m not their stylist…. BUT i personally think they look GREAT in skin tight pants. ;)

8 March | 01:34pm
absolutely no zoom! we were so close! (please give credit if you’re gonna take it…)

absolutely no zoom! we were so close! (please give credit if you’re gonna take it…)

8 October | 11:08pm
Ohh Piero :)

Ohh Piero :)

8 October | 11:07pm
Gianluca singing Maria at the SF show 

Gianluca singing Maria at the SF show 

8 October | 11:05pm
so much passion when he sings!

so much passion when he sings!

8 October | 11:04pm
my cousin took this picture! Gianluca at the Nob Hill Masonic Center-September 29, 2012

my cousin took this picture! Gianluca at the Nob Hill Masonic Center-September 29, 2012

8 October | 11:00pm

let me just start off with giaNLUCA GINOBLE KISSED MY HAND!!!!!! i will never forget him looking down at me with a huge smile on his face, we made eye contact, i just kept looking at him and smiling and i think my face had an expression that i couldn’t believe i was face to face with Gianluca and so close to him. microphone in one hand, reached out for my hand with the other and freaken kissed it and looks at me while i melt!! i think i screamed or something after but omg so many butterflies just thinking about it, i wanted to cry because Gianluca acknowledged me, he looked at me and smiled then grabbed my hand and kissed it and i can still feel his sweet lips on my hand i am never going to wash it

Even though i did not have the meet and greet, i still had an amazing time!! my cousin and i didn’t have the best seats, but the sound from where we were sitting was simply amazing. i literally got goosebumps just hearing their voices. and when they came out, i cried. like real tears. while we were walking to the venue we saw a guy selling flowers and we bought the boys some, it was sort of like an impulse buy we were like how will we give it to them?? WE’LL FIND A WAY. and we did! we slipped notes into each and at the end when they started to sing O’ Sole Mio, we ran to the stage and i tried to hand piero my rose and i kept waiving at him and signaling that the rose was for him but he never waved back or anything :c i stayed there obivously looking up at them and dancing and when gianluca saw me ugh those eyes <3 and that’s when he kissed my hand! i was so happy! ignazio came around and i gave him Piero’s rose. 

overall it was such a spectacular experience! personally i had a lot more fun than last year, ugh tonight was perfect. i can die of happiness now since Gianluca kissed my hand! :)

oh and the last few pictures have no zoom, i was so close to them!
30 September | 04:06am
it’s tomorrow!!

I cannot believe it. honestly guys it hasn’t even sunk in yet. in 24 hours i will have already seen them. i get to be in the same room as them, i get to smile at them and get chills from hearing their amazing voices live. i can’t believe all this happens TOMORROW. like is this really happening?? laskfjlasf

is anyone else going to the SF show??

29 September | 12:55am
10 more days!!

In 10 more days I will be the happiest most enthusiastic person in the world: the day I go to the il Volo concert in San Francisco! I’m sadly not meeting my babes BUT I should be grateful that I got tickets to breathe the same air as them!! :) haha

Today is also my 17th birthday! Oh how I wish my boys could sing me happy birthday!
P.s: say hi if you’re also at the sf show! :)

19 September | 09:55pm
is it just me or, whenever I watch them perform online/tv, i catch myself smiling hopelessly at the screen, with butterflies in my stomach,just focused on the boys and getting lost in their voices, completely unaware of anything else. I love these boys so much. They’re the only thing I can listen to repeatedly everyday and not get tired of them.
24 August | 07:25pm
Il Volo singing Il Mondo on the today show!
24 August | 07:17pm

24 August | 01:07am
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